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Peter Esdaile

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februar 2008 Om høykultur og lavkultur  les
februar 2008 Yes we can les
juni 2008 Sommerbrev fra Madison les
juli 2008 Ed Schultz, en berømt talkshow vert les
november 2008 Hardt prøvet guvernør i Alabama les
desember 2008 Om lykke i en vanskelig tid les
november 2009 Sult i USA - oversatt fra NY Times les
november 2009 Om arbeidsløshet og noen kunstnerkolleger les
februar 2010 Om Haiti og delstatsvalget i Massachusetts les
april 2010 Om løgn, sannhet og kjæledyr les
april 2010 En påskereise til Arizona og Mexico les
april 2010 En påskereise til Arizona og Mexico - del 2 les
mai 2010 Katastrofen i Gulfen les
juli 2010 Om mediene og hukommelsestap les
september 2010 Koranbrenning i Florida les

Peter Esdaile was born in Montreal, Canada in 1947 and grew up in Oslo, Norway.
He recieved his professional education at The Arts and Crafts School in Oslo (1966-68) in printmaking and painting, and Norwegian State Art Academy of Oslo (1968-73) in printmaking, painting and sculpture.

"Over the years, I have shown my works in separate and group exhibits throughout Scandinavia, Germany and the U.S., as well as, participating in graphic and sculptural symposiums in Sweden and Portugal. (See resume)
In addition, I have taught at the Academies of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, and numerous private art schools.
In my art, I have been fascinated by the themes of the individual, gender relations, and the existential dilemmas of loneliness, alienation, confusion and conflict. Initially, my works, both in painting and prints were primarily figurative, characterized by political and social satire, sometimes erotic scenes imbued with both endearment and irony.
Later, I have explored more abstract modes of expression in drawing and printmaking and purposely turned away from representational imagery. An interest in architectural and geometrical space caught my imagination for some years, in a series of prints and pastel drawings that could be labeled “The Architecture of the Mind.” This style led me, in turn to a more stylized, abstract expression in my sculptural works as well.
Today these divergent phases have intuitively merged into a semi-figurative style, where a representational language reintroduces a new narrative, emerging from basic abstract structures, executed in an expressionist manner. Technically, I try to display the first layers of paint and create a dynamic sphere of vibrant colors, applied with energetic brushstrokes resulting in a multiplicity of textures and glazes. My imaginative search becomes a Rorschach Test, where one visual element often gives a clue leading to another, like steppingstones on a journey."

Young Artists Association, Oslo 1971
Oslo Art Union, 1972
Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo 1974
Art Unions of Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Haugesund 1975-78
Gallery F15 1976 and 1977
Munch Museum 1977 "Dream,Danse and Reality”
Gallery Riis, Trondheim 1980
Bildgalleriet, Varberg,Sweden, 1990
Gallery JMS, Oslo,1992
Hå gamle Prestegard, 1992
Gallery Uffizi, 2000
Gallery F-15, 2002 “Incendium” (sculptures and drawings)
Hå Gamle Pestegard, 2003 ”Incendium”(sculptures and drawings)
Gallery Siverts, Bergen, 2004 (Paintings)
Bærum Kulturhus, 2004 (Sculptures and drawings)
Trondhjems Kunstforening, 2005 (Paintings)
Gallery Steen, Oslo, 2005 (Paintings)
Art Union of Kristiansund, 2006 (Paintings)
Haugesund Billedgalleri, 2007 (Paintings)
Gulden Kunstverk, Steinberg 2007 (Paintings) 
Bærum Kunstforening  2007 (Paintings)
"Norwegian Contemporary Painting”, West Germany, England and Austria 1975
"Criticism and Realism” Gallery F15 1977-78
”Deviris” Gallery F15 1984
"Deviris" The Nordic House, Reykjavik 1986
"Flash" Copenhagen, Denmark 1991
"Duo-works" Århus Kunstbygning 1992
"Flash" Copenhagen, Denmark 1993
"Duo-works" Bergen Kunstforening 1994,Hå Gamle Prestegard, Stavanger 1994 and Christiansand kunstforening 1995
"Høylys & Dybtryk”, Photogravure in Scandinavia.
Brandts Klædefabrik Odense, Stenersenmusset Oslo, Houston,
Grafikens Hus, Stockholm and Galeen Kalevala, Helsinki.
National Gallery
Bærum Kommune
Oslo Kommunes Kunstsamlinger
Norwegian Cultural Council
The Dep. Of Justice, Bonn, W. Germany, 1975
Stavanger Faste Galleri
Eskilstuna Art Union, Sweden
Nordic House, Reykjavik
Brandts Klædefabrikk, Odense, Danmark
Ringstabekk Secondary School 1973
Østerås Chapel 1974
Den Norske Bank 1977
Court of Justice, Tromsø 1989
Chapel, Preclinical Institute, Vinderen 1990
Decorations commissioned by Kloster Cruise Line and RCCL from 1990 to 2000
Godthåb Rehabilitation Center, Bærum 1995
Directory of Employment, Directors Office, 1995
Bekkestua Library, Bærum 1995
Hotel Continental , Annen Etage 1998
Bethany Hospital,Bergen.2004
Ringstabekk Secondary School 2005-2006
State Fellowship, 1976-78and 1990-93
Oslo City’s grant 1981
National Drawing Competition, First Price, 1984
Ingrid Langaard’s grant 1994
Copyright Fund Grant 2003
Norwegian Artist’s Association
Association of Draftsmen.
Norwegian Printmakers
The Norwegian Sculptor’s Association
Professor in the Art Academy of Bergen, 1989-90 and
The Art Academy of Trondheim in 1990
Visiting Professor in Oslo Tverrfaglige Kunstinstitutt
City Hall , Bærum 1992-1993
Hovseterhjemmet, Oslo Kommune 1997
Stovner Highschool 1997-1998
Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco,
Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, England,
Greece, USA and Canada.
NORDGRAFIA Printmaking Gotland 1996,
Symposium of Experimental Printmaking
SIMPPETRA, Stonecarving symposium,
Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, 2002