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Eva Harr

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eva harr
I alternate between working as a painter and as a graphic artist. The two different techniques mirror each other in expression, and they offer me different challenges.
For me as an artist it is important pursuing the dialogue between inner and exterior landscapes. My own reflections on nature's energy and beauty — and depicting it, can be an important starting point. I strive towards seeing the landscape — as in a different light, seeking the inner light in the artistic space.
Several pictures are formed by my 'conversations' with nature itself, vague memories from both dreams and the real world are repeating starting points for my world of image impressions. My roots, originating from Northern Norway, have put its distinctive mark on my artistic work.
Eva Harr
What are the paintings all about? The pictures do not depict the beauty of nature, but are themselves meditations on beauty. They do not demonstrate proud posessiveness of landscape, but clearly show that this landscape withholds such interests. They do not depict direct simliarites to places where the artist has been, but are more like 'edited recordings' of her solitaire and subtle conversations with nature itself. The pictures do not use other artist's works as their model, only nature's own atmosphere and voice. The paintings are true, not because they are truthful. They are natural, not because they depict nature. They are beautiful, but not because they are elaborate. The pictures do not reflect art history — they merely create it.
Summary from the catalogue text 'Nordnorsk tristesse'
(Northern tristesse) by Dag Solhjell, 1999


1972-1977 Statens Håndverk- og Kunstindustriskole, book and etching class
1977-1981 Statens Kunstakademi, graphic art and painting
Solo exhibitions (selected)
2008 Galleri Tranøy, Hamarøy
2008 Galleri Elsa, Namsos
2007 Opening of "Galleri Eva Harr", Reine in Lofoten
2007 Galleri Gulden Kunstverk, Steinberg
2006 Galleri Arctandria, Oslo
2006 Galleri Oro, Elverum
2005 Galleri Røkenes gård, Harstad
2004 Galleri Arctandria, Oslo
2004 Galleri Nord-Norge, Harstad
2004 Galleri Tranøy, Hamarøy
2003 Galleri Krane, Tromsø
2003 Galleri Nordaførr, Bodø
2002 Galleri Osebro, Porsgrunn
2001 Galleri Arctandria, Oslo
2000 Galleri G. Guddal, Rosendal
1999 Kunstverket Galleri, Oslo
1999 Union Station, Washington DC., USA
1998 Galleri Harstad, Harstad
1997 Galleri Arctandria, Oslo
1997 Bodø Kunstforening, Bodø
1996 Bjørnsonfestivalen, Molde Kunstforening
1995 Petter Dass-dagene, Alstadhaug
1995 Galleri Parken, Bergen
1994 Galleri Arctandria, Oslo
1993 Rosendal Musikkfestival
1992 Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Harstad
1991 Tromsø Kunstforening
1990 Galleri Brandstrup, Moss
1990 Melbu-dagene, Melbu
1989 Lillehammer Kunstforening
1989 Galleri Siverts, Bergen
1988 Galleri Koloritten, Stavanger Kunstforening
1988 Harstad Kunstforening
1986 Galleri Siverts, Bergen
1983 Galleri Acanthus, Oslo
1981 Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
1978 Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Harstad
Group exhibitions (selected)
1991/1984/1981/1979/1978 Høstutstillingen
1984/1983 Østlandsutstillingen
1990/1982 Den Nord-Norske kunstutstilling
1988 Galleriverein, Hamburg
1987 Norske Grafikeres jubileumsutstilling, Oslo 
1987 Norsk Grafikk Moskva
1986 Intergrafikk, DDR
1984 Kvinnelig Norsk Grafikk – Hässelby castle, Stockholm
1980 "Glimt fra norsk grafikk i 70-åra", Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
Public Art
The Hurtigruten ship Richard With 1993
Risenga Bo- og eldresenter, Asker
Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries
Norsk Hydro
Book illustrations and other assignments
"Tora" trilogy by Herbjørg Wassmo – Den Norske Bokklubben
"Havgodt fra Nord-Norge" – Cappelen Forlag
"Havedagbok" – Den Norske Bokklubben
"I paradisets første krets" by Helge A. Wold – Cappelen Forlag
Anchorwoman in NRK's tv-series "Aqua" 1997
Purchased by
The National Gallery
Troms County Council
Bodø Municipality
Harstad Municipality
Arts Council Norway
Oslo Kommunes Kunstsamlinger
Narvik Municipality
The Art Museum of Northern Norway
Värmlands Kulturnämd