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Hanne Tharaldsen

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Hanne Tharaldsen is an artist whose works combine photography and painting. A professional photographer since 1991, she made her debut as an artist in 2001. Since then her work has been shown at a number of exhibitions, including Østlandsutstillingen (The Exhibition of Eastern Norway) and Norske Bilder (Norwegian Pictures: An annual exhibition of Norwegian contemporary art). In recent years her focus has been on painting, but photography remains an important part of the artistic process. Several of Tharaldsen’s works were shown at the 2007 Annual National Exhibition of the Visual Arts in Oslo, where they were very well received. She is currently represented by a number of well-respected Norwegian galleries. 
While Hanne Tharaldsen is adept at every aspect of photography, she now works primarily in the digital format, editing her pictures in Photoshop before transferring them to canvas. Her painting is colouristic and expressive, seemingly without respect for the photographic elements. 
“I always start with a photograph. It is the photo which suggests the theme for the work and the direction in which I should take it artistically. At the same time I like to focus on the craft aspect of painting. For me it is important that my pictures also stand up as paintings.”
Tharaldsen uses her own feelings and experiences as the subject of her art. Many of her pieces are self-portraits, which are often extremely self-revealing. Her works deal with love and ecstasy, eroticism and human growth, but also darkness and despair, anxiety and fear.
“I want my pictures to be seen as open and honest. I think the best way to express something universal, is to be totally private. In a lot of ways I live without a filter, so that life touches me in a very powerful way. By conceptualising my experiences through art I hope to arrive at the kernel of something that other people will find meaningful.”
Hanne Tharaldsen started out as a journalist and photographer. For seven years she was a regular contributor to the weekly magazine KK, among others. In 1998 she went into business for herself, concentrating for several years on editorial and advertising photography. Her photos and illustrations have been published in the majority of Norwegian magazines and periodicals. She has also worked with many of the country’s largest advertising agencies on campaigns for Honda, Oslo City, Norway Post, Telenor, Synsam and Økonomisko.
For several years she studied under the painter and artist Kari Gautneb. In 2001 she became a member of the Norwegian Visual Artists Association. Hanne Tharaldsen lives and works at the Frysja Arts Centre in Oslo.

Membership:  NBK, FFF, UKS, BOA.

Norwegian Visual Artist Association, The Society of Fine Art Photographers, The Young Artists Society, Visual Artists in Oslo and Akershus.


Solo Exhibitions:

2009                “Letters from the hidden place”, Ramfjord Gallery, Oslo.

2008                “Transmission”, Henrik Gerner Gallery, Moss.

                        “Relocation”, Ramfjord Gallery, Oslo.

            “Covet”, Maerz Gallery, Molde.

            “Unveil”, Gulden Kunstverk, Drammen.

2007                “Transformation”, Henrik Gerner Gallery, Moss.

2001                “A fine breeze”, Dugg, Oslo.

                        “Silent Dolls”, Dugg, Oslo.


Norwegian National/Regional Exhibitions:

2007                Annual National Exhibition of the Visual Arts.

2004                The Exhibition of Eastern Norway.

2003                The Exhibition of Eastern Norway.


Group and Collective Exhibitions (selected):

2009                Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo.

2008                Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo.                     

                        Aalesunds Art Center, Ålesund.

                        Lions Exhibitions, Oslo.

                        Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo.

                        Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo

                        Horsens Art Museum, Denmark.

                        Henrik Gerner Gallery, Moss.                       

2007                Galleri Maerz, Molde.

2005                BOA Gallery, Oslo.

                        Made By, Oslo.

2004                Made By, Oslo.

2003                Norwegian Pictures, Oslo City Hall Gallery.

2002                UKS Gallery, Oslo.

2002                Bjørvika, Oslo.




2003                “Human Angels”. The Global Conference in Oslo (a smaller version of the

Oslo Open performance).

2003                “Human Angels”. Oslo Open 2003.

Children from several pre-school day-care centres walked the streets of Oslo, handing out 20,000 envelopes, 1,000 of which contained an original photograph. The children were dressed as angels and had made their own wings. Envelopes were also placed in museums and galleries. The performance was arranged in collaboration with Oslo Music and Cultural School and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Norway.



2004                “ODD”, no.1 2004. 10-page article.

2002                “KORK”. Art Book published in connection with the exhibition

                        “53 musicians meet 53 photographers” in Bjørvika.


2008                NTB, Oslo.

2001                Oktan Advertising Agency, Oslo.