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Kristin Vestgård 2008


"Chest of Drawers" - new paintings
23. August - 14. September 2008

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Kristin beside painting "Gathered between then and now"

Many young Norwegian artists seek their education and fortune abroad. Kristin Vestgård is one of these. In 1997 she enrolled in Falmouth College of the Arts with a goal of becoming a painter. She applied herself, was an honor student and her identity as a visual artist becamed apparent during her senior year. Her graduation exhibit resulted in a sell out where Falmouth themselves purchased her largest and most significant painting. Her success continued and Kristin could from the very beginning support herself as a painter and visual artist. Interest among galleries spread and Kristin Vestgård experienced what all artists dream of. Her primary gallery has become Badcocks Gallery in Newlyn where she has exhibited almost yearly from 2001 until 2006.

After 10 years in England Kristin Vestgård decided to move back to Norway where she now lives and has her studio. Though she did exhibit at Campden Gallery in March, her primary focus the last year has been her work towards the exhibit which is now being held at Gulden Kunstverk Gallery.

Kristin Vestgårds paintings are sensitive and delicate works of art and can be best described by the artist herself. 

Its an intuitive process, in chaos I play with figures, altering their spaces and wiping off and keeping marks from previous layers while creating new spaces over others until I obtain a certain atmosphere and the expression that I want…which is something I find while going along…a history is built into the canvas, and adds weight and poetry to the final image...

I paint out of my inner world with all the sights, emotions, thoughts, people, things, atmospheres and the history that runs through me, it all shapes what happens on the canvas…almost like a diary with no words based in a reality seen through my eyes. It has dreams, fantasies and sort of inner adventures tangled in between the pure reality, playing between the restless and standing still, always in a flux…a playfulness running in and out of the layers of oil paint, with a deep sincere essence holding it together.

To me my paintings hold many secrets…and I like it that way, it gives them space to breath and live their own lives, just like people…they have a sea of secrets too… I believe my paintings are the voice of my silence…